Draka UC launched in Chengdu, China


  • Feb 4-5 ,2015


  • ChengDu, China


  • MMS

The opportunities in the China market are boundless. In conjunction with our Chinese distributor, Silvercom; we have set foot officially in China with our UCCONNECTâ„¢ range - starting from the Southwest region.

The event kicked off with a bang as we received over 80 attendees. Held in Anantara Resort on Emei Mountain, the 1.5 days Product Launch served as a platform to bring together the key potentials of the region to learn more about our brand and also to see what we can offer. The hosted attendees were dedicated throughout the event and we are sure that we have made a strong impression. The dynamics of the attendees consisted of local prominent distributors of each province within the Southwest region of China.

With Silvercom’s existing ties with the participants, having this launch further enhances our commitment in building up our foothold in China.

chengdu launch