Our multimedia solutions are used in every communications around the world. For more information on each product, please refer to the products page.

office network

The idea of a generic communication infrastructure in buildings, was created in the early 1990s resulting in the first EIA/TIA 568 standard in 1993, soon followed by its sister documents ISO/IEC 11801 and EN50173.

Besides particular individual differences, these standards share the same intent to create guidelines for IT professionals, to keep pace with fast developing networking challenges.

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data centre cabling

The need for high reliability and continued cost efficiency, has established a widely accepted cabling concept in recent years; well defined today in international standards like EN50173-5 or TIA942.

Data centres are split into four levels that help allocate the typical services and applications. The Client level contains devices like a server – be it desk top, rack format or even the modern blades – and all kinds of storage devices and systems like SAN or NAS, including including tape-recording devices for backup purposes.

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industrial communication

Ethernet, the classic office application, is now increasingly required in industrial automation. Ethernet makes it possible to manage communications effectively.

By selectively accessing every single point in the network, making adjustments and modifications is easier, leading to a reduction in downtime, and an increase in productivity.

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home cabling

Leading trade fairs like the CeBIT in Hanover, make it abundantly clear: the “intelligent building” is the concept of the future.

Not only will it offer new possibilities for using various media and devices interactively, but it will also make life safer, more comfortable, and will safe energy costs.

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studio networks

Ranked as number one in Europe, Multimedia Solutions is a leading provider of professional broadcast and studio cables.

Since 1958 these broadcast solutions have delivered levels of technical excellence that have proven themselves in practice under the most demanding of conditions.

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