Industrial Communication Solutions

Draka specialized data communication cables are the first choice in industrial applications, whereas these cables i.e. ProfiBus, FieldBus, CanBus, ToughCat 5e / 7 etc are specially designed to withstand the rough industrial environment, and still offer excellent performance against electromagnetic interference.

These cables are used as communicating medium for automation devices and logic control systems.

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Coaxial Cables

DRAKA coaxial cables are widely used as transmission line for high frequency signals primarily in CCTV / CATV usages. These cables have high shielding properties to enable excellent performance in high Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) environment.

Simply, 75 ohm coaxial cables are used for pictures transmission while 50 ohm types are for data transmission.

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Building Management Systems

Data & control cables in cores or pairs , shielded or unshielded; primarily used for logic control systems i.e. sensors, door access, climate control, bus topology networks etc, and also critical systems such as public address and general alarm.
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Broadcasting & Studio

Draka is a renowned brand in the video & audio cabling manufacturing, producing studio cables used worldwide and also camera & audio cables for specialized applications in the broadcast sector.
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