Application of Draka UC in Data Centre Cabling

Every data centre is a unique structure. There are various segments of different requirements which need to be understood before creating any solution.

In highly concentrated data centre networks, at server level (Client), they key is to maximize utilization of available pathways, racks and spaces rather than to go for maximum permissible channel length. The required channels of 20m to 60m average distances give room for optimized designs in cable. For this application Draka has developed the new UCFUTURE program which contains slim cable designs based on existing work area cable standards, which are perfect for zone cabling in data centres because of these characteristics.

Up to 100% higher packing density in cable trays

Fully compliant with established cable standards

PIMF design to eliminate any Alien-Xtalk interferences

Full 10GBase-T performance over a channel distance of 70m

Especially at Client level bulky cabling dorms a serious barrier to air ventilation, literally one of the hot topics in data centres due to growing packing density in server racks and the need to offload the high amount of heat dissipated by all the electronics. Slim designs at server level like the blade technology should be consequently transferred to slim cabling.

The advantages of the new cable design can be leveraged to most suitable slim-design connectivity products which give new opportunities for extended customer specific service concepts. Minimum required transmission performance of cable and cabling is Cat 6A and/or Class EA. The rationale is to ensure easy migration of services to 10GBase-T, for which cable standards based on various technologies were made.


Source: Draka UC Data Cable Brochure



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