EIB Bus Cable

Symmetrical data cable for EIB – BUS Systems


Bus cable for indoor installations in EIB (European Installation Bus) systems. The cable is suitable for installation in ducts, on risers and under data floors. PE insulated plain copper conductors. The cable has an overall Al/PETP-foil screen and a tinned copper drain wire. The overall sheath is made of flame retardant PVC. The pair is colour coded for easy identification. 1 pair: black/red 2 pair: yellow/white

Fire Rating

  • IEC 60332-1
Conductor Copper wire, bare 0.5 mm2, 0.80 mm Ø
Insulation PE, 1.6 mm Ø
Core identification Pair 1: red, black, Pair 2: Yellow, white
Pair stranding 2 conductors to the pair
Cable lay up 1 or 2 pairs to the core
Wrapping 1 x PET foil
Overall shielding Laminated AL-foil + copper drain wire 0.4mm2
Rip cord and identification thread yes
Outer Sheath PVC, alternative LSFROH, white RAL 9010 / green RAL 6018
Outer Diameter Nom. 5.5 - 7.5 mm
Weight Nom. 35 - 60 kg/km
Mechanical properties
Operating temperature - 25°C up to + 70°C
Min. Installation temperature - 5°C
Minimum bending radius 7.5 x D
Smoke density (only for LSFROH types) acc. to IEC 61034-2
Corrosivity of fire gases (only for LSZH types) acc. to IEC 60754-1/2
Electrical properties at 20°C
Loop DC resistance (max.) 73.2 Ω/km
Insulation resistance (at 500 V, 1 min.) 10 GΩ*km
Mutual capacitance at 800 Hz (max.) 100 nF/km
Inductance 0.65 mH/km
Max. operating voltage DC 800 V
AC Testvoltage, (5 min) 2500 V
AC Testvoltage, (1 min) 4000 V
Ordering Information
P/N Product Description P.U
1003582 EIB BUS Cable PVC, 1x2x0.8 1000m/drum
1003583 EIB BUS Cable PVC, 2x2x0.8 1000m/drum
1003584 EIB BUS Cable LSFROH, 1x2x0.8 1000m/drum
1003585 EIB BUS Cable LSFROH, 2x2x0.8 1000m/drum
1021615 EIB BUS Cable LSFROH GN, 2x2x0.8 1000m/drum