Draka Fire Resistant UC500 Cat.6a SFTP GSWB LSFRZH

Cat.6a 23AWG GSWB SFTP LSZH with circuit integrity behaviour


  • Primary(Campus), Secondary(Riser), Tertiary(Horizontal)
  • IEEE 802.3: 10G Base-T
  • IEEE 802.5 16 MB; ISDN; TP DDI;ATM


  • ANSI/TIA-568.2-D
  • ISO/IEC 11801-1/2
  • IEC61156-5

Flame & Fire Rating

  • IEC 60331-23, IEC60332-1, IEC60332-3-24
Conductor Solid copper wire, (AWG 23)
Insulation Foam PE with special fire barrier tape
Twisting 2 cores to the pair
Screen Individual Pair Screen + Tinned Copper Braid Screen
Sheath LSZH with ATARUV
Tensile force 100 N
Mechanical Properties
Bending radius without load ≥ 16 x OD
with load ≥ 8 x OD
Temperature range during operation -15°C to + 60°C
during installation   0°C to + 50°C
Electrical Properties
DC Loop resistance ≤ 187.6 Ω/km
Impedance 1-100MHz  Nom. 100 Ω
DC Resistance unbalance ≤ 4%
Mutual capacitance at 1kHz ≤ 5.6 nF/100m
Ordering Information
P/N Product Description P.U
85048FRBRTVBK-3H  Draka UCDATA Category Cable UC500 CAT.6A SFTP 4 PAIR 23AWG GSWB LSFRZH FR ATARUV 305m/drum