Steel Wire Armoured ALPAâ„¢ Uni-tube Optical Cable


  • Loose Tube: The secondary coating consists of a central loose tube made of special thermoplastic plastics. Each fiber in the central tube is uniquely identified by a different colour , for fiber counts above 12 fibers a coloured bundle yarn is used.
  • Cable core: the cable core is covered with water blocking swellable tape.
  • Moisture Barrier: The cable is completely covered with the aluminum foil applied longitudinally with an overlap. The aluminum foil is bonded to the inner sheath.
  • 1st inner sheath: The first inner sheath consists of HDPE(high density polyethylene ) Black compound.
  • 2nd inner sheath: The 2nd inner sheath consists of PA.
  • Armour: The armour consists of one layer of galvanized soft steel wires(SWA).
  • Outer sheath: The cable sheath consists of Flame Retardant PVC compound ,resistant to UV, heat & oil.
Technical Data
Technical Data 1-24
Loose Tube- mm 3.1
1st inner sheath thickness mm 1.0
2nd inner sheath thickness mm 0.5
Dia over 2nd inner sheath mm 7.1
Armour SWA thickness mm 1.0
Dia over SWA armour mm 9.1
Sheath thickness mm 1.6
Cable Diameter mm 12.3
Cable weight mm 280
Please refer to our General Installation, Safety & Handling recommendations before handling.


  • The cable is especially designed for harsh environments.The multi - layer inner sheath system ALPAâ„¢: Aluminium/HDPE/PA(nylon) withstands aggressive constituents and fluids that might occur on(petro) chemical