UCFIBRE™® Optical Adaptors


Draka offers an extensive range of optical adaptors for use in F TTx, telecommunications, data communications and CATV applications. All adaptors are fully qualified to Telco rdia GR326 and IEC 61300 and all materials used are RoHS compliant.

Adaptors can be supplied in a variety of colours and for a vari ety of different connector types such as FC, SC, ST, LC, E2000 etc. Further connector types are also available on re quest.


  • Qualified to Telcordia GR326 and IEC 61300 standards and RoHS compliant materials.
  • Available for many different connector types such as FC, SC, ST, E2000, MTRJ, LC and others on request.
  • All adaptors are supplied with ceramic inserts.
  • Supplied in a range of different colours to match connector type .(e.g. blue for PC, green for APC, beige for multimode).
  • Both simplex and duplex adaptors are available.


  • FTTx
  • Telecommunications
  • Data communication
  • CATV
  • Test and measurement
Technical data
Item No. Singlemode (1310/1550nm) Multimode (850nm)
Maximum Insertion Loss (dB) ≤ 0.3 Typical 0.2 (UPC and APC) ≤ 0.4 (UPC)
Return Loss (dB) ≥ 55 (UPC), ≥ 65 (APC) Not measured
Intermateability IEC 874-14 IEC 874-14
Operating temperature -40°C to + 85°C -40°C to + 85°C
Ordering Information
Asia P/N Product Description P.U
D540505 FC Adaptor Simplex, Singlemode 1 pc
D550505 FC Adaptor Simplex, Multimode 1 pc
D520606 SC Adaptor, Simplex ,Singlemode 1 pc
D530606 SC Adaptor, Simplex, Multimode 1 pc
D520707 SC Adaptor, Duplex Singlemode 1 pc
D530707 SC Adaptor, Duplex Multimode 1 pc
D540101 ST Adaptor, Simplex ,Singlemode 1 pc
D550101 ST Adaptor, Simplex, Multimode 1 pc
D521818 LC Adaptor, Simplex ,Singlemode 1 pc
D531818 LC Adaptor, Simplex, Multimode 1 pc
D522020 LC Adaptor, Duplex ,Singlemode 1 pc
D532020 LC Adaptor, Duplex, Multimode 1 pc