4-144 Cores, Light Armoured Cable, LSZH Sheath


LTZSM Series is one of the most value for cost UC FIBRE™® cable which is able to run outdoor into indoor premises with protection against harsh elements ie Water / UV / Mechanical stress, while ensuring safety flame standards are in place.


  • PE Sheath (LTZSP)
  • PE Sheath for outdoor applications
  • Steel Wire Braiding for armouring protection


  • Central strength member (CSM): Steel wire with plastic coating when needed
  • Tube: Thermoplastic material, containing up to 12 optical fibres and filled with a suitable water tightness compound
  • Stranding: The required numbers of elements (tubes or fillers) are SZ stranded around the central strength member
  • Longitudinal Water Tightness: WB jelly and water blocking yarn (partial jelly filled)
  • Armour: Corrugated steel tape
  • Outer Sheath: LSZH
  • Suitable for Duct Buried or Indoor/Outdoor Installation
Main characteristics
Test Standard Value Sanction*
Max. installation tension IEC 60794-1-2-E1 3000N fibre strain ≤ 0.33%, Δα reversible
Crush(short term) IEC 60794-1-2-E3 3000 N / 100mm Δα ≤ 0.3 dB(MM), 0.1 dB(SM)
Temperature range IEC 60794-1-2-F1 -40 -> +70°C Δα ≤ 0.3 dB/km(MM), 0.1 dB/km(SM)
Water Penetration IEC 60794-1-2-F5B sample=3m, water=1m No water leakage after 24 hour
* Values for multi-mode fibres, all optical measurements performed at 1300 nm * Values for single-mode fibres, all optical measurements performed at 1550 nm
Technical data
No. of Fibres 6, 12, 24 36, 48 96
Design (Elements x Fibres per Tube) 6x6 6x12 8x12
Loose Tube / Filler mm 1.8 2.0 2.0
CSM/sheath diameter mm 2.0 2.2 2.0/3.5
Outer sheath thickness mm Nom.1.8
Cable Diameter mm Nom. 11.0 Nom. 11.6 Nom. 12.9
Cable Weight kg / km 161 177 205
Max installation tension N 3000
Min. bending radius mm
Without Tension 10 x Cable ø Under Maximum Tension 20 x Cable ø
Temperature range °C Installation -10 -> +60; Transport. & Storage -40 -> +70 ; Operation -40 -> +70
Flame Retardant IEC 60332-3-24
Ordering Information
UCFIBRE™® LTZMSM SERIES FO Cable part numbers are made up using the table below. The part number always starts with the letters LTZSM to denote that it is a UCFIBRE™® LTZSM SERIES FO Cable. This is followed by 3 numbers which symbolizes the core quantity and then 2 letters to denote the fibre type. Example of a UCFIBRE™® LTZSM SERIES FO Cable part number: LTZSM008M2 The above example describes an OM2 (50um, Orange Sheath) UCFIBRE™® LTZSM SERIES FO Cable, with 8 cores.
012 - 12 CORES      024 - 24 CORES            036 - 36 CORES      048 - 48 CORES144 - 144 CORES SM - SINGLEMODE, G652D, 9um (yellow sheath)M1 - OM1, 62.5um (orange sheath)M2 - OM2, 50um (orange sheath) M3 - OM3, 50um (aqua sheath) M4 - OM4, 50um (aqua sheath)