24 Port Duplex LC, Fibre Integrated Solution


  • Light weight
  • Sleek, easy to fit
  • Low loss MTP connectors
  • Bend insensitive BendbrightXS fibres


  • MTP® is registered MPO connector, Trademark of USCONEC
  • Designed with the installers mind for easy and compact patching, idea fit for our patch panels series.
  • The MTP® modules are equipped with Draka's unique bend insensitive BendbrightXS fibres
Matrix Aluminum Thickness 1.5mm
Dimension 34mm x 131mm x 121mm
Adaptor MTP (Rear Side), Duplex LC (Front Side)
Weight ≤150g
Surface Finish Black
+ Standard Panel comes in empty, unloaded
Ordering Information
UC P/N Product Description P.U
20K9501 Fixed-Module,MTP®/LC,12F,9/125um 2pc/box
20K9502 Fixed-Module,MTP®/LC,24F,9/125um 2pc/box
20K9503 Fixed-Module,MTP®/LC,12F,62.5/125um 2pc/box
20K9504 Fixed-Module,MTP®/LC,24F,62.5/125um 2pc/box
20K9505 Fixed-Module,MTP®/LC,12F,50/125um 2pc/box
20K9506 Fixed-Module,MTP®/LC,24F,50/125um 2pc/box
20K9509 Fixed-Module,MTP®/LC,12F,50/125um,OM3,LZ300 2pc/box
20K9510 Fixed-Module,MTP®/LC,24F,50/125um,OM3,LZ300 2pc/box
20K9521 Fixed-Module,MTP®/ST,12F,9/125um 2pc/box
20K9522 Fixed-Module,MTP®/ST,12F,62.5/125um 2pc/box
20K9523 Fixed-Module,MTP®/ST,12F,50/125um 2pc/box
20K9525 Fixed-Module,MTP®/ST,12F,50/125um,OM3,LZ300 2pc/box
20K9531 Fixed-Module,MTP®/SC,12F,9/125um 2pc/box
20K9532 Fixed-Module,MTP®/SC,12F,62.5/125um 2pc/box
20K9533 Fixed-Module,MTP®/SC,12F,50/125um 2pc/box
20K9535 Fixed-Module,MTP®/SC,12F,50/125um,OM3,LZ300 2pc/box
20K9581 Fixed-Module,MTP®/FC,12F,9/125um 2pc/box
20K9582 Fixed-Module,MTP®/FC,12F,62.5/125um 2pc/box
20K9583 Fixed-Module,MTP®/FC,12F,50/125um 2pc/box
20K9585 Fixed-Module,MTP®/FC,12F,50/125um,OM3,LZ300 2pc/box