Draka’s Industrial Communication Solutions for Robust Industrial Environments


MICE is the heading under which the demands for wiring is covered in a standardized way. A set of requirements is defined which consists of mechanical (M), ingress (I), climatic (C) and electromagnetic (E) components. A difference is made between three categories (1, 2 and 3): office (1), light industry (2) and heavy industry (3).

The main criterion when categorizing as “light” and “heavy” duty is the impermeability against dust and/or liquids. The industrial environment is generally harsher and the cable is affected by:
– Chemical substances such as oils, solvents, etc.
– Constant movement or vibration during use e.g. in drag chains
– Wider range of ambient temperatures
– Electromagnetic influences
– Both on the cable as well as caused by the cable.

Draka is able to produce Industrial Ethernet and bus cables with all kinds of protective layers. Upon request Draka can provide the MICE classification for the various cable designs.


Source: Industrial Communications Solutions Brochure



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Draka’s Industrial Communication Solutions for Robust Industrial Environments

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