Keystone Jacks

A keystone jack ,though small in size, is a key building block of an end-to-end solution. High quality design, standard compliant and quick termination technologies are key success factors.

Draka’s UCCONNECT® UC certified ToolFast , ToolFree and Punchdown technologies makes termination easy, fail proof and speedy enabling project time saving up to 40%.

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Like the on/off switch of a lightbulb, a patch cord “ light up” a world of bits and bytes.

Draka’s UCCONNECT® DualBoot , SlimFlex and Gold patch cords are 3 different series each with innovative design and technologies. DualBoot offers excellent strain relief and cross-talk performance. SlimFlex features ultra slim 28 and 30 AWG patch cords.

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A patch panel, patch bay, or patch field is a device or unit featuring a number of keystone ports for the use of connecting and routing circuits for interconnecting, and testing circuits in a convenient, flexible manner.

Patch panels are commonly used in computer networking main and floor distributor.

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Faceplates & Accessories

Faceplate (face plate, face-plate) is a plastic or metal plate with one or multiple ports designed to support keystone jacks.

Surface Mount Box is faceplate variant which does not flush when its mounted on a flat surface.

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Tools & security

Keystone termination and cable security tools
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