12-96 Core Firetuf™ I10S Fire Resistant Fibre Optic Cable, LSZH

2-12 Cores, Indoor, Breakout, Tight Buffer Distribution Cable, LSZH

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Firetuf™ OFC-UT-CST Fire Resistant Armoured Central Tube Cable

Indoor/Outdoor steel tape armoured (CST) double LSHF-FR sheathed optical cable with 2 – 24 fibres. VDE: A/I-DQ(ZN)H(SR)H

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Firetuf™ OFC-UT-NM Fire Resistant Universal Central Tube Cable

Indoor/Outdoor non-metallic LSHF-FR sheathed optical cable with 2 – 24 fibers. VDE: A/I-DQ(ZN)H

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IE Firetuf™ DATA 1P, 2P or 4P LSZH-FR

IE SF/UTP 4x2xAWG22/1 cable with circuit integrity behaviour

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