Importance of Reliability and Noise Immunity for Category Cables


For many years, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) has been a must for electric equipment.

The main problem is external interferences im­pacting the system and causing failures. In the network environment, there are various potential high-frequency interference sources that are between 80.0 MHz and 2.0 GHz, e.g. mobile radio, stationary radio and broadcasting stations, walkie-talkies and industrial RF sources. An IT system is being disrupted if a source generates an interfering pulse exceeding the limit/immu­nity of the receiving equipment. Further typical external interference sources are e.g. power cables and the switching-on of florescent lamps.


With high-quality cabling, a new problem arises: the Alien Crosstalk (between cables adjacent to each other).


the basics EMC defines the capability of a system to work without having a negative influence (emission of interference) on other systems.


Mostly, EMC interferences are electrically asymmetrical. That means, an interference source generates an interference that is in phase on both the neutral and live conductors with respect to earth. Regardless of the cause of interference, a symmetrical (balanced) cabling can minimize the interference when the two conductors of the symmetrical transmission channel are influenced in phase, as this is neglected.

Screening designs Complying with the respective EMC requirements, our screened UC cables are available in the following designs:

/ S (Screen): Overall screen of aluminium-laminated foil / HS (High Screen): Screened with aluminium-laminated foil and tinned copper braid

/ SS (Super Screen): Pair screen with aluminium-laminated foil and overall screen with tinned copper braid.

The application of highly screened cables saves modifications when installations are expanded. For you, this means a very cost effective cabling solution for now and the future.


Source: Draka UC Data Cable Brochure



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