MPO/MTP® Hydra Cable Assemblies

Indoor, LSZH, Low Loss, MTP® or MPO


  • Material of cable sheath is Low Smoke Halogen Free
  • Fibre Type: Please refer to technical datasheet
Technical Specification
Item Technical Parameters
Connector Type MPO/MTP® LC/SC
Max. Insertion Loss 0.50dB (MM) 0.75dB (SM) 0.25dB (MM) 0.30dB (SM)
Min. Return Loss 26dB (MM) 45dB (SM - UPC) 55dB (SM - APC) 30dB (MM)50dB (SM - UPC) 65dB (SM - APC)
Note: The insertion loose based on above value need to plus fiber attenuation.
  • MTP® is a registered MPO connector, Trademark of USCONEC
  • Low loss fibres or Draka BendBright™ fibres are used for better insertion loss requirements when needed.
  • Factory Terminated and Component Tested
Ordering Information
Please contact our local offices for more details or refer to technical datasheet available below