Steel Wire Armoured ALPAâ„¢ Optical Cable


  • Central Strength Member(CSM): glass fiber reainforced plastic rod(FRP),with plastic overheating when needed.
  • Loose Tube: The secondary coating consists of a loose tube made of thermoplastics polyester. Each fiber in a tube is uniquely identified by a different colour.
  • Filler Elements:thermoplastic rods,where needed.
  • Stranding:Loose tubes(and fillers), SZ Stranded around the CSM.
  • Cable core: the cable core is covered with water blocking swellable tape.
  • Aramid yarns:are applied to give extra tensile performance.
  • Moisture Barrier:The cable is completely covered with aluminum foil applied longitudinally with an overlap. The aluminum foil is bonded to the inner sheath.
  • 1st inner sheath: The 1st inner sheath consists of HDPE
  • 2nd inner sheath: The 2nd inner sheath consists of PA
  • Armour:The armour consists of one layer of galvanized steel wire(SWA) with a counter spiral binder.
  • Outer sheath:Flame Retardant low Smoke, Zero Halogen compound. This compound is UV, Heat & Oil resistant.
Technical Data
No.of Flbres 12 24 48 72 120
Number of tubes/ Fllers 2/4 4/2 4/2 4/2 10/0
Number of flbres per tube mm 6 12
Loose Tube-Ø mm 2.1 2.4
Central strength member mm 2.3 2.6 3.0/5.8
1st inner sheath thickness mm 1.0
2nd inner sheath thickness mm 0.5
Dia over 3nd inner sheath mm 10.8 11.7 14.8
Steel wire thickness mm 1.0
Sheath thickness mm 2.0
Cable Dlameter mm 16.8 17.7 20.8
Cable Weight Kg.Km 465 510 665
Please refer to our General Installation, Safety & Handling recommendations before handling.


  • The cable is especially designed for harsh environments.The multi - layer inner sheath system ALPA: Aluminium/HDPE/PA(nylon) withstands aggressive constituents and fluids that might occur on(petro) chemical plants. (chemical moisture - barrier). The steel wire armour and FR LSZH sheath make the cable suitable for installation under and above ground. - The ALPA design provides anti-termite protection. -The Steel Wire Armour provides rodent protection.

Fire Rating

  • IEC 60332-1 IEC 60332 - 3 - 22
Main Characteristics
Test Standard Specified value Acceptance Criteria*
Max. Tension IEC60794-1-1E1 7000N ∆α≤0.05 dB(MM).no fiber strain
Crush IEC60794-1-1E3 4000N/100mm,short term ∆α reversible
Impact IEC60794-1-1E4 30Nm,R=200mm,3impacts ∆α≤0.10 dB(MM).no damages
Repeated bending IEC60794-1-1E6 R=20×cableØ, 100 cycle ∆α≤0.10 dB(MM).no damages
Cable bend IEC60794-1-1E11 R=15×cableØ, 5 turns,3cycles ∆α≤0.10 dB(MM).no damages
Tension IEC60794-1-1E7 ±180◦,L=1m,10cycles No damages
Water penetration IEC60794-1-1E5B Sample=3m,water=1m No water leakages after 24hours, up to inner sheath
UV resistancy ISO 4892-2 - In ISO
Halogen free IEC 60754-1 IEC 60811 Amount of halogen acid pH value In IEC
Heat & oil resistancy - IRM902; 4hours, 70°C In IEC
Flame retardancy Single cable testBundle cable test IEC 60332-1 IEC 60332-3-22(Cat A) Reduced flame propagation
Resistance to nitric acid Draka-Kema 7 mol/I,6weeks No damage to capital fibers
Resistance to hydrocarbon mixture Draka-Kema Metyl-etyl-keton, trichloro-ethene, cyclo-hexane,heptane,toluene No damage to optical fibers
* values for single-mode fibres, all optical measurements performed at 1550 nm
Min.bending radius mm Without Tension 15×cable-Ø Under Maximum Tension 25×cable-Ø
Temperature range â—¦C Installation-10 to +50 Transport & Storage-30 to +70 Operation-30 to +70
Ordering Information
LMNWG SERIES FO Cable part numbers are made up usaing the table below. The part number always starts with the letters LMNWG to denote that it is a LMNWG SERIES FO Cable. This is followed by 3 numbers which symbollses the core quantity and then 2 letters to denote the fiber type.Example of a LMNWG SERIES FO Cable part number: LMNWG024M1 The above example describes an OM1(62.5um, Orange sheath) LMNWG SERISE FO Cable, with 24 core.
012-12 Cores 024-24 Cores 048-48 Cores 072-72 Cores 120-120 Cores
SM-SINGLEMODE,G652D,9um(yellow sheath) M1-OM1, 62.5um(orange sheath) M2-OM2,50um(orange sheath) M3-OM3,50um(aqua sheath) M4-OM4,50um(aqua sheath)