home cabling

Leading trade fairs like the CeBIT in Hanover, make it abundantly clear: the “intelligent building” is the concept of the future. Not only will it offer new possibilities for using various media and devices interactively, but it will also make life safer, more comfortable, and will safe energy costs.

Hence, the demands on home cabling are very high. In order to ensure perfect quality data transmission, high-quality shielding of the cables is necessary. The future-oriented solution of Prysmian Group means: multi-platform indoor cables consisting of various combinations of coaxial cables, conventional data cables, and future-oriented fibre optic cables.

Advanced cabling solutions are also part of the portfolio: if you're looking for a future proof universal network for LAN, TV and control, the proven UC MULTIMEDIA 1500 is an option too. This solution combines various services in one universal cable. The application determines what's connected to it.

Television In order to eliminate digital noise like pixelation on TV reception, the best possible physical shielding of the coaxial cable is of utmost importance. The patented Draka tri-shield coaxial cable design, consisting of dense braid shielding underlayered by two aluminium PET foils, serves this purpose. Compared to conventional cables, it shows a considerably better shielding attenuation, preventing interference from appliances in the immediate environment. Draka tri-shield cables help to meet the limiting values given by law.

Internet access Already common applications like Triple Play – the transmission of internet, telephone and TV over one cable – can be optimally solved with shielded coaxial cables. Systems use the so-called 'backward channel' in the lower frequency range. The quality of the shielding in this frequency range is indicated by the so-called transfer impedance. The rule of thumb is: The lower the transfer impedance, the better the shielding effect for the backward channel. For these applications, Prysmian Group offers coaxial cables with an extra low transfer impedance, which exceed the requirements of screening class A and higher.

Multi platform For example, hybrid cables consist of a coaxial cable for today’s services like TV or broadband interne – a high-quality data cable for IP-based services or networks, and bend insensitive optical fibres for next generation super high-speed networks and IP services. Thus, Prysmian Group offers a future-proof solution, independent from the respective network operator.

Benefits for housing societies, property managers and home owners – at a glance

  • Hybrid solutions consisting of a coaxial cable, a data cable, and an optical fibre cable, ensure the future sustainability of cable solutions and the value retention of the building – independent from the network operator.
  • Tri-shield coaxial cables exceed the requirements of screening class A, including the transfer impedance.
  • High-quality halogen-free flame retardant cables ensure optimum fire protection.

Drop and Trunk cables – what makes the difference Multimedia Solutions manufactures high-quality copper and fibre optic cables for all multimedia applications.

  • Screening class A:Â To reduce egress and ingress to a tolerable level, our CATV cables are equipped with screening constructions which fulfil the latest EN 50117-2-n standard. Drop cables follow classes A, B or C, Trunk cables reach class A+ or A++ performance.
  • Anti-aging and low reflections:Â The dielectrics consist of physically foamed cellular PE, thus no chemical additives are needed and no aging effects appear.
  • Halogen-free and flame retardant:Â Each application requires the correct sheath material. You can choose between FRNC for indoor use, and PE for outdoor use. Also water resistant materials being both halogen-free and flame retardant are available.
  • Connector compatibility: Draka branded CATV cables are compatible to all major connectors – we have this approved by leading connector manufacturers. Compatibility certificates and all relevant datasheets are available for download at www.prysmiangroup.com
  • Approved by many network operators: Many users appreciate the quality and reliability of the Prysmian Group. Thus, our Drop and Trunk cables are approved, e.g. by Kabel Deutschland (KDG), TeleNet or UPC.