Firetuf OFC-UT-NM Fire Resistant Universal Central Tube Cable

Indoor/Outdoor non-metallic LSHF-FR sheathed optical cable with 2 – 24 fibers. VDE: A/I-DQ(ZN)H

Fire Rating
Fire resistance tests
IEC 60331-25 (120) Fire resistance: 120 minutes at 750 °C (No fibre break)
EN 50200 PH 120 Fire resistance with fire and impact 120 minutes 830 °C (No fibre break)
EN 50200 ANNEX E PH 30 Fire resistance until 15 minutes of fire and impact alone, followed by 15 minutes of fire, impact and water spray at 830 °C (No fibre break)
BS 8434 - 2 Fire resistance until 60 minutes of fire and impact alone, followed by 60 minutes of fire, impact and water spray at 930 °C (No fibre break)
Flame retardant tests
IEC 60332-1-2 Single vertical wire test
Flame propagation test
IEC 60332-3-24 = IEC 332-3C Vertically-mounted bunched wires and cables
Halogen acid & gas tests
IEC 60754-1 IEC 60754-2 No halogens No acid matters
Smoke emission tests
IEC 61034-2 No dense smoke
Loose tube Ø4.0 mm jelly filled loose tube green colored with up to 2 - 24 fibres
Fibre colour code 1 Â Red 13 Â Yellow w/mark per 100 mm
2 Â Green 14 Â White w/mark per 100 mm
3 Â Blue 15 Â Grey w/mark per 100 mm
4 Â Yellow 16 Â Turquoise w/mark per 100 mm
5 Â White 17 Â Orange w/mark per 100 mm
6 Â Grey 18 Â Pink w/mark per 100 mm
7 Â Brown 19 Â Yellow w/mark every 50 mm
8 Â Violet 20 Â White w/mark every 50 mm
9 Â Turquoise 21 Â Grey w/mark every 50 mm
10 Â Black 22 Â Turquoise w/mark every 50 mm
11 Â Orange 23 Â Orange w/mark every 50 mm
12 Â Pink 24 Â Pink w/mark every 50 mm
Fire barrier Tape(s)
Strength member Water blocked E-Glass fibre elements
Ripcord 1
Inner sheath 2.5 mm black LSHF-FR sheath according to EN 50290-2-27 , UV stabilised


  • The Application of this cable is circumstances where a very high degree of fire safety is required as the cable will function during a fire,has limited fire spread,has limited smoke generation and is halogen-free. The typical installation environment is indoor and indoor/outdoor in and between public buildings,in tunnels,metro lines and other places where one need very high degree of fire safety and support for critical communication. This cable is also suitable for shipboard application.The steel tape armouring makes the cable rodent proof.The primary means of installation are on cable ladders,raceways and cable trays. The cable may however also be directly buried. The cable can be installed outdoor in the open, but shall be not be installed directly exposed the sun.


  • ISO 11801 2nd edition,EN 50173-1:2002,IEC 60794 - 1

Fire Rating

  • IEC 60332 - 1,IEC 60332 - 3 -24, IEC 61034 - 2, IEC 60754 - 1 / 2
Physical Properties
Property Test method Value
Nominal outer diameter - 12.1 mm
Nominal weight - 167 kg/km
Maximum installation tensile strength E1 2000 N (Δl/l fibre 0.5%, Δα reversible)*
Compressive strength (crush) E3 1500 N / 100 mm, max 5 min (Δα reversible ) *
Impact E7 No fibre break, 5 Nm, 3 impacts, r=300mm
Torsion E7 5 cycles ± 1 turn
Kink E10 The cables do not form a kink when a loop is drawn together to a diameter of 20xD (Cable diameter) mm
Min. bending radius, unloaded E11 R = 121 mm
Min. bending radius, loaded - R = 240 mm
Temperature range F1 Storage: -30°C to +60°C
Installation: 0°C to +50°C
Operation: -25°C to +70°C. (Δα 0.05 dB /km)**
Water penetration F5B No water leakage after 24 hour, sample=3m, water=1m
* Values for single-mode fibres, all optical measurements performed at 1550 nm, ** Values for multi-mode fibres, all optical measurements performed at 850 nm or 1300 nm with 0.10 dB as threshold (tensile and crush will not be performed for MM fibres)
Ordering Information
P/N Product Description P.U
A/I-DQ(ZN)H Indoor/ourdoor non-metalic LSHF-FR sheathed optical cable with 2-24 fibres 4km/drum