EIB/KNX-Bus Cable

Symmetrical data cable for EIB/KNX-BUS Systems


EIB (European Installation Bus) cable is a special type of BUS cable suitable for use in KNX systems. EIB/KNX is a shielded bus cable which meets the requirement of “European Installation Bus” standard. It’s widely use in KNX communication for building management for lighting control, heating, air-conditioning, time management, etc. The cable can be used in dry, wet and damp areas either inside or outside (if protected from direct sunlight)

Fire Rating

  • IEC 60332-1
Conductor Copper wire, bare 0.5 mm2, ø 0.80 mm
Insulation PE, 1.6 mm ø
Core identification Pair 1: Red, Black, Pair 2: Yellow, White
Pair stranding 2 conductors to the pair
Cable lay up 1 or 2 pairs to the core
Wrapping 1 x PET foil
Overall shielding Laminated AL-foil + Tinned copper drain wire
Outer Sheath LSZH, Green RAL 6018
Mechanical properties
Operating temperature - 25°C up to + 70°C
Min. Installation temperature - 5°C up to + 60°C
Minimum bending radius (without load)  4 x D
Smoke density (only for LSFROH types) acc. to IEC 61034-2
Corrosivity of fire gases (only for LSZH types) acc. to IEC 60754-1/2
Electrical properties at 20°C
Max. Cond. Resistance DC (max.) 37.5 Ω/km
Ordering Information
P/N Product Description P.U
EIB2P0.8L-GN EIB BUS Cable, 2PR x 0.8mm BC Shielded LSZH Green 500m/drum